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International Headquarters - Shenzhen

The design is a composition of two volumes with a commercial plinth. The top two levels of the lower building are fused to the 238 m high tower. The volumes contract and expand to accommodate public space and vegetation on different levels. The plinth is ‘carved out’ to create a sense of scale and increase permeability at ground level. A lively meeting point, the ground floor urban square leads to the main entrances and links the pedestrian routes through the site. This square is open to a sunken plaza which provides access to the metro and to two underground parking levels. Together, square and plaza connect the shops and catering facilities from different levels, easing customer access.

Above the ground level plaza, the two buildings extend progressively towards each other, and connect at the 5th and 6th level, providing shelter from the subtropical climate. On top of the 20th level is a generous outdoor space surrounded by stepped green terraces. This level celebrates the city’s outdoor lifestyle with a restaurant, shops and leisure areas overseeing the city. Above this floor, the tower steps back gradually with a series of green roofs and terraces, connecting the users to nature and offering panoramic views of Shenzhen Bay. Cascading down the facade, vegetation will purify the air and improve the indoor environment.


Architecture, Office

Timeline                                 Status

2017                              Design proposal


Shenzen, China

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