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Sustainable Research Center - VAE

The Sustainable Research Centre (SRC) is a built testimony to the prosperity that Saudi Arabia owes to oil, and is very close to the country's first commercially exploited oil well. Inside, the building complex combines a library, a training centre for natural and engineering sciences, a business incubator, a cultural museum and a children's museum. In addition, there is a large event hall for congresses and travelling exhibitions, a concert and theatre hall with 900 seats and a smaller lecture and cinema hall for 200 people.  

The base floor of the building serves as the entrance and distribution level, which is located under a slightly hilly bed platform designed as a landscape garden. The above-ground structure resembles boulders sanded by sand and wind, which are covered by a fine line pattern of bent stainless steel tubes reminiscent of fingerprints. They lend the building a gently shimmering sheen, but avoid harsh light reflections that would have been caused by a flat sheet metal cladding. In addition, the tubes shade the thermal envelope of the building behind them and counteract overheating through their rear ventilation


Architecture, Education

Timeline                                 Status

2019                              Design proposal



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