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Zhengzhou Cultural Center

The Zhengzhou Cultural Center acts as a hub within an overall master plan aimed toward healing the natural ecology that was once characteristic of the region. The Center acts as a respectful vantage point, serving as a place to educate the public on the process of healing the landscape as well as a platform to understand and interact with the fauna and wildlife within the region. 

An Observation Ring serves as the identity for the project through experience and form. 5,000 square meters of cultural and educational program is contained within the ring, with connections on all ends opening outward to the ring and the nature trails. Working with the landscape, the building is conceived as a quiet response on the site and is ecologically driven, using the systems within the architecture to re-use all types of water that come in contact with the structure. The landscape acts a filter to either return or re-use the water throughout the design.


Architecture, Culture


Under construction, postponed


Zhengzhou, CN

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